Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

16 Months

Friday Maggie turned 16 months. She is definitely a toddler now! She is none stop and even though I can't understand her she has something to say about everything! She is starting to repeat what I say more, but very few words have stuck. A new one that she says a lot is "up" when we are going up the stairs...speaking if stairs, I now let her go up and down them by herself which means toys wind up in even odder places than they use to. Naps have become more important...if she doesn't get a VERY good nap in then it is not worth taking her anywhere! She can blow kisses and will occasional give you a real one but those are very rare. She likes to sing, especially the itsy bitsy spider (with hand motions thanks to aunt Jenn Jenn!)

Nana's Farm

Sunday we visited Nana and Pawpaw. They have about 40 acres with a bunch of animals. This was the first time Maggie has ever payed the animals any attention and she had so much fun!

Big Girl Bed

A couple of weeks ago Maggie decided to start climbing out if her crib, so we decided to switch her to a toddler bed even though we thought she was still too young. The first couple of nights weren't terrible. It took us a while to get her to sleep and she woke up a couple of times during the night, but everyone still got enough sleep. We didn't time this switch very well because after only two nights of the new bed me and Eric left for a weekend in Gatlinburg and Maggie spent the weekend sleeping in a pack-n-play. But Sunday we finally came home and got her right back on track. She came home and got in her little bed and hasn't looked back since. When it's time to go to bed or take a nap we just go up to her room and I put her on the bed and walk out...sometimes she will get up and come to the door and whine for a little bit, but she will finally just go get back in bed and go to sleep. I can't believe it has been this easy! The only thing is we have to close her door and put a baby gate up behind it because if she wakes up she likes to roam. But she has had no problem putting herself back to sleep! I wasn't going to get her some toddler bedding until I knew we wouldn't be switching back to the crib...but it looks like I need to go shopping!