Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

4 Months

At 4 months Maggie is still the sweet and laid back baby she has always been...and she is growing like a weed! She now weighs 15 lbs 10 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. That is the 90th percentile in weight and the 75th in height! She eats a jar of stage 1 baby food mixed with rice twice a day and eats about five 6 ounce bottles througout the day. Since Mommy has started work she now goes to daycare everyday...she loves it! But when we get home she is absolutely exhausted and usually doesn't make it past 7pm. Just recently she has started grabbing for things like her paci and some toys...and she is very close to holding her bottle! Right now we are mostly working on her sitting up. Since she HATES being on her tummy I have to sit there and hold her up right to keep her I am VERY ready for her to do that on her own. She is still in size 2 diapers but once we use up this pack we are moving up to size 3.

watching Alabama football!

I have put a paci in Maggie's mouth from day one...but she still seems to like her thumb better! oh well I tried!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Maggie's first day of daycare, and since I don't start work until next week I have a lot of free time this week. I started out today by going to Target ALONE. :) Then I went to the bank and actually went INSIDE instead of just going through the drive thru. My next stop was a little boutique in the Lee Branch shopping center called Plain Jane. An amazing friend got me a gift certificate from there when Maggie was born and I have just now gotten around to going in there. They have the cutest stuff (mostly children's clothing). But my favorite was their Stephen Joseph cloth bookbags. Maggie definitely had to have one.

This is the one I got! This is my most favorite purchase that I've made in a long time.