Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This morning me and Maggie went and picked up Ava Reese and met Leighton, Dakota, and Walker at the zoo! Maggie had been to the zoo at the beginning of the summer but she didn't really care about any of it. Today she actually looked and pointed at the animals and even touched a few! All of the kids had a blast, especially on the train and carousel, but they were completely worn out at the end of the day. Maggie and Ava Reese were asleep before we got out of the parking lot!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Me and Maggie have gone to a couple of Landen's football games this year but I never get to watch any of the games because Maggie is always running around and climbing up the bleachers. Well last night I decided to break out a leash that was handed down to me by someone who also had a very wild one year old! I know everyone probably thought I was crazy but it helped a lot! And Lauren had so much fun "walking" Maggie.