Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

18 Months

Maggie turned 18 Months in November but we just now made it to the doctor for our checkups and shots! Here's the stats!...

Weight: 24lbs
Height: 33 in
Diapers: size 5 (but she has started to notice when she is using the bathroom so we might introduce the potty soon!)
shoes: size 5
clothes: 18-24 month

At her doctor's appointment he said that she is drinking too much milk! She is constantly throwing her empty cup at me and then running to the fridge (what a sweetie). But he said that milk doesn't have iron in it and can make you become anemic if you drink too much. So we will have to definitely cut back. Maggie has become SO dramatic! If something doesn't go her way or if I say 'no' then it is the end of the world. To say the least she tests my patience constantly! Her favorites things right now are stuffed animals and books. Daddy has been working on puzzles with her so hopefully she will have that down pretty soon. She still isn't talking a lot. She can say a handful of words, but the doctor isn't worried yet so I'm not going to freak out....yet. Here are some of her words...

"na" (no)
stop (clear as day)
baby (her stuffed animals)
no ma'am (do you see a pattern here?)
she can repeat most words we say to her but she doesn't say then on a regular basis.

She has also found a new love for coloring. She can only color with crayons under supervision for obvious reasons, so she plays with her magnadoodle a lot. 

It is also very hard to get a good picture of Maggie. She has to be in just the right mood..so here's the best I could get...