Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

I just realized I never did a post on Christmas. First here is a video of me talking to Maggie about Santa on Christmas Eve.

We had our Christmas with every side of the family all on Christmas we stayed very busy!

First was our house

Then Pops and JiJi's house

Then we went to Aunt Jennifer's house with Nana and PawPaw and after that Memaw's with my moms side of the family...but I never got a picture at either one!

The next day we played at home all day with our new toys since we didn't really get to enjoy them Christmas day.

Stuffed Animals

Maggie is obsessed with stuffed animals, and when I say obsessed I mean it is nearly impossible for me to get out of ANY store without a major breakdown to buy one. And apparently EVERY store now feels the need to sell stuffed animals. I just barely got out of Best Buy without getting a Pillow Pet...why does Best Buy carry Pillow Pets?! We also have to take one everywhere we go, and its a different one everyday. So on top of me buying one occasionally, most people think a stuffed animal is a pretty safe gift to buy a baby girl, so in the last two Christmases and one birthday we have acquired quite a few. Well I finally decided to get all these furry friends together and see how may she has. They are usually scattered everywhere (her room, closets, the car...I even found Big Bird in the bath tub one day.)

How ridiculous is this? 

And she has a special place in her heart for each and every one of them. They are her "babies" and she puts them in her shopping cart and stroller instead of baby dolls like most normal kids.

So the lesson of this blog post is...don't buy my kid any more stuffed animals! Thanks :)